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Speak and Lead with Pride


Improve your public speaking and leadership skills today!

Speak & Lead with Pride is a hands-on course designed to teach the art of public speaking to students who may not have had any previous training. Students come voluntarily for six Saturday mornings in the spring for two-hour classes which are comprised of short didactic presentations; 3-
minute student presentations on chosen topics; and immediate feedback to students from both the instructors and fellow students. Semi-finalists compete for monetary awards and, finally, a public recognition ceremony for participants is held. Students also gain insight and information about Asian culture and their own Asian identity through the presentation of topics assigned to the students. All students improve their public speaking ability and gain self-confidence.

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Youth Group of OCA San Mateo (YOCA)

YOCA is San Mateo OCA Chapter’s youth program. This year we have a pilot program for high school and college students based on Project-Based Learning. We encourage motivated high school students who want to make a difference in the AANHPI community to come up with a project to tackle a problem that they see in their community. Students work as a team to design a program based on design-thinking principles, write a proposal, and present it to our board of directors. Other YOCA activities include community service projects and field trips to places of historical or cultural interest

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OCA San Mateo Scholarships

If you are intending to enroll in a college or university next fall, apply for an OCA San Mateo Scholarship!

For years, OCA San Mateo has administered various scholarships backed by friends and family of the chapter. These monetary awards are given to qualifying graduating high school seniors. The San Mateo County Chapter places heavy emphasis on its youth development programs. For more information, please check our website at or contact us at

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