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Embracing the hopes and aspirations
of all Asian Pacific Americans since 1973

Embracing the hopes and aspirations of all
Asian Pacific Americans since 1973

Embracing the hopes and aspirations of all Asian Pacific Americans since 1973

Founded in 1973, the Organization of Chinese Americans, Inc. (OCA) is a national non-profit 501(c)(3), non-partisan advocacy organization of concerned Chinese Americans. OCA is dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well being of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States.

OCA’s primary objectives include:

  • Promoting active participation of Asian Americans in both civic and national matters.
  • Securing equal rights and equal opportunity.
  • Eliminating prejudices and stereotypes and securing social justice.
  • Providing education and training, including leadership development.
  • Fostering positive images and enhancing the appreciation of Chinese and Asian American culture and heritage.
  • Promoting economic opportunities.

As of early 2020, OCA has 46 chapters and 38 college affiliates, representing over 10,000 Asian Pacific Americans across the United States.

OCA’s base in Washington, D.C. gives the national office an effective vantage point for monitoring legislation and policy issues affecting Chinese Americans and Asian Americans. In the D.C. metro area, OCA is able to build national support and to work in coalition with other national groups around issues affecting Asian Americans. In addition, OCA publishes IMAGEmagazine, which serves as a communications link between chapter members as well as an informative source on federal and legislative initiatives and policies relevant to the Chinese American and Asian American communities.

For more information about OCA, email the national OCA office at, call (202) 223-5500, or write to:

OCA National Center
900 19th St. NW, 6th Floor.
Washington, DC 20006

OCA Chapter of San Mateo County

The OCA San Mateo was established in 1987. It is one of four chapters in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of seven chapters in California. It is the oldest existing OCA chapter and the largest in California today. To create a sense of community and embrace the aspirations of Chinese Americans here, the Peninsula Chapter has been very active in San Mateo County affairs.

The Chapter has:

  • Fought for fair treatment for Chinese Americans throughout the County,
  • Taken strong positions against hate crimes and discrimination against Chinese Americans,
  • Advocated for more Chinese Americans on County boards and commissions,
  • Built coalitions with other Asian, minority and civic organizations to achieve common objectives,
  • Represented the Chinese American community in the public arena.

Programs include:

  • Speak and Lead with Pride teen public speaking training and leadership development,
  • High School Scholarship program,
  • Youth leadership development and internship program,
  • Art and education programs about AANHPI heritage,
  • Voter outreach and education,
  • Social events such as picnic and holiday celebrations,
  • Fieldtrips and outings related to AANHPI history.


Membership in OCA is open to all U.S. citizens or permanent residents at least 18 years of age, except agents of foreign governments. Members in OCA range from young adults to senior citizens, from foreign-born to American-born, and from heritages such as Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, as well as other heritages. Members pay annual dues; more than half of the members’ dues go to National OCA for programs, staffing, and other activities. The remainder of the dues stays in the Chapter and provides some of the funding to operate the Chapter and its activities.

Please join OCA San Mateo today!